Saturday, 26 August 2017

July Wrap Up

So here we are basically at the end of August and I still haven't written my July post! Shame on me, but let me tell you what I got up to in July. I went on holiday with my friends, I graduated Uni, I saw my brother and me and Hen played croquet. Lots of fun stuff. I’ve had a super fun August too, but I’ll have to wait to the next post to tell you (which won’t be that long really!). Since I went on holiday I actually managed to read a lot of good books in July, so onto the reviews!

The Method - Shannon Kirk
This was the first book I read on holiday and I was so excited to read it. My mum was actually reading it before me but let me take it on holiday, so kind! The premise of the book is what drew me to it; a 16-year-old girl gets kidnapped in the later stages of her pregnancy; however, they really chose the wrong girl to pick on. This girl was a machine! She refused to back down and was not going to let this be her ending. Throughout the book there is alternating chapters between the girl and a FBI investigator on the case. I found his chapters to be a bit meh to be honest and would always find myself trying to power through them to get back to the main story. What I liked best about our main character was that she turned the kidnap victim trope on its head and she saved herself. Throughout the story we hear about the ‘assets’ she has been collecting from the house she is being kept in; some string, a knitting needle, water and a radio. At the end of the book they are all used together to destroy her enemies and escape! It is a great final showdown and I love it. I also really enjoyed the trial scenes and watching her be totally crazy. Once I had returned from holiday and mum read it, she said that I was like the girl! I mean I’m taking it as a compliment, but it made me laugh when mum said it.
My Book Rating – 4*

The Catcher in the Rye – J.D Salinger
What better place to read a classic than on holiday. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. So, it’s a very short book which is another reason why I decided to take it, and as I’m sure lots of you know the book is centred around Holden Caulfield, who has just been kicked out of yet another school. The book doesn’t really have a plot of sorts and nothing really happens. But nonetheless I enjoyed it. It’s very difficult to give this a proper review, I can’t say anything about the writing style, it’s set over a weekend so there is no character development, and all he does really is walk around New York talking to people. But what I did like about it is that I found it so easy to read, I read it at the beach in one sitting. I actually really liked Holden as a character, he was just an angsty teenager and normally I don’t like that but this time I did. I don’t really think I’d ever want to read it again but I’m glad I read it at least once.
My Book Rating – 4*

The Young Elites – Marie Lu
The only reason I wanted to read this was because I loved the Legend series so much, I cried when it ended! I so wanted to like this just as much but sadly I didn’t. The concept was good but I just didn’t enjoy the final payoff. Our main character Adelina is a survivor of a deadly illness that swept the nation, killing everyone in its path. The survivors are left scarred and rumours are spreading that they were left with more than scars; special abilities making them more powerful than anyone else. They are called the young elites. Sounds amazing right, well sadly I don’t think it lived up to the greatness that I had imagined. I think what annoyed me the most was that the main character kept going on about how she was fed up of being used and pushed about, but honestly I don’t think she lived up to hard and cold persona that was created and I found it slightly disappointing. I also didn’t really like the final showdown, it was full of near misses and close calls and it was just annoying me. Someone just get stabbed please! I can’t say for certain if I’ll carry on reading, I’d like to say yes but it probably won’t be high on my list.
My Book Rating – 3*

The One – John Marrs
This was the final book I read on holiday and it was just crazy. There’s about 5 different points of view, focussing on different couples coming to terms with ‘the one’. This is the general premise; a scientific discovery has found a gene that we share only with one other person. The twists and turns that this story takes are insane, you never know what’s around the corner. Of course, I preferred some story lines to others and sometimes I was skipping ahead as I wanted to know what happened. The ended left me hanging a bit and I was a bit confused but overall I did really enjoy it. I don’t normally read crime thriller books and I think that’s why I liked it so much, it was something different to my usual reads.
My Book Rating – 4*

Nemesis – Brendan Reichs
Another book with a great concept that I just don’t think delivered. I heard about this book months before it came out and I was just so excited. The cover is amazing the premise is great and I was just waiting till I could buy it. The book started off strong, every 2 years on her birthday, Min is killed by a strange man she does not know. Then it went into this strange story of asteroids and aliens and the end of the world and government conspiracies, and I started to dislike it more. Also, don’t get me started on Noah, I found him to be such a wet blanket and so annoying and so woe is me. As the book went on I found it to be similar to the Gone series by Michael Grant and I liked that series much better. It’s such a shame that I didn’t enjoy this fully, I really wanted to. I’m sure I’ll read the next book and hopefully it’ll improve.
My Book Rating – 3*

That basically took me all day to write! And I’ve got to write the one for August in just a couple of days! Luckily, I haven’t read as many books this month so hopefully it’ll be easier to write. I’ll give myself a couple days rest and I’ll be back on writing!


Sunday, 16 July 2017

June Wrap Up

So, it’s the middle of July and I still haven’t written this! I’ve really been struggling to write these the past few months and I don’t know why. Especially since this month I went on holiday to Greece and I found out I got a 2:1 in my degree! I had a bad day today but that’s about it. Maybe I find it easier to write when I’m in a rant-y mood. And that is me today. You know, yesterday I watched probably one of the worst films I’ve ever seen! It’s called Life, anyone else heard of it? It’s a sci-fi horror but honestly it was terrible, like they were being so stupid I just couldn’t take it. There’s funny bad films that I don’t mind watching, then there’s bad films that are actually trying to be good films and it’s just awful. I could go into it further but that would be going too far off topic. To the books!
Vivian Versus the Apocalypse – Katie Coyle
I honestly can’t really give you any major plot points of this book but I can tell you that I really didn’t enjoy it. I can’t really describe it properly without spoiling it, so beware spoilers ahead! So basically, it’s about this girl Vivian trying to cope with the end of the world. It’s predominantly a road trip with her bestie Harp and this bloke Peter. They are travelling across America searching for answers of this so-called rapture. Let me tell you that basically nothing happens, at all. Peter gets beat up, they probably kiss, she has an argument or two and she’s an angsty teenager of course. So, picture this; I’m sitting in bed reading away, three quarters of the way through thinking ‘this has surely got to pick up the pace soon?’ and then we find out what actually happened … It was fake! Yes, you read that correctly, it was a farce, her parents made holes in the ceiling and pretended to be raptured! Are you joking me, I actually threw the book, Bradley Cooper Silver Linings style. Then I picked it up to finish because surely that wasn’t it. Unfortunately, it was. I mean lots of people died but by then I was beyond caring, which was a shame as the book had potential and I was excited to read it. I think that’s why I got so annoyed with it, I was expecting it to be good. I don’t really think I told you anything good apart from my rant-y feelings. What I will say is that the cover is great and at the start I liked Vivian she seemed ‘normal’ for lack of better word, she seemed genuine and a shy character. Sadly I did just got super annoyed about how it ended and I don’t think I’ll be reading the next one.
My Book Rating – 2*

Cress – Marissa Meyer
I just checked and I read Scarlet in 2014, so this is quite a big gap between a read and I couldn’t remember anything that happened. I was worried that this would mean that I wouldn’t enjoy it as I’d just be so confused, but have no fear once I started reading the major points were remembered! I think my main gripe with this series is that there’s so many characters, and they all have individual voices in the book which I think is a bit unnecessary. Each new book does focus on that story but the older characters have chapters and its quite back and forth. As these are fairy tale characters, Cress is a retelling of Rapunzel, instead of being trapped in a tower she is trapped in a satellite, hacking into whatever she’s told to. Cinder and the gang find out about Cress and set about a rescue, but of course this does not go to plan and the gang are separated. Whilst this story is going on, Cinder must work to stop the wedding between Prince Kai and Queen Levana.  There’s lots of other subplots typical of the book, romance, kidnap, you know the usual. I did like the book but personally I found it be about 100 pages too long. I do think it dragged a bit, and there were periods where nothing really happened it was just bulk. Saying that, I definitely will be reading to see what happens next. It’s a great and interesting concept and I am looking forward to seeing what happens.
My Book Rating – 3*

Lord of Shadows – Cassandra Clare
Talk about an excessively long book! This was ginormous! It was a big commitment but I got through it. I adore the Shadowhunter world, but I have to say that the Dark Artifices is probably my least favourite. They are just so long, and that can be off putting to read. Like obviously I will but I have to psych myself up first you know. So, Lord of Shadows, I really need to start taking notes because I’m having a mind blank! It’s basically about Emma and Julian pretending not to love each other when they do, and trying to find a way to break this curse. The curse of the parabatai bond; if you’re in love, it basically drives you mad. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like either Emma or Julian, they get on my nerves and the secondary characters are so much better! Mark, Ty, Kit give me more of them! Also, just as a ‘I hate to state to the obvious’ but please, if there’s no body they aren’t dead! It’s just basic common knowledge, but they didn’t think to question that! Gees Louise that’s on you. Oh yeah, there’s those people the Centurions, god I hated them I hope they get their comeuppance in the next book. Anyways, the sub stories of book are much more enjoyable; Kit coming to terms with his heritage, the trip to London, faerie land, family betrayal! See much more interesting. The book ended on a cliff hanger, and I was just like whaaaaaaat! I need answers and I need them now! And now I’ve got to wait like a year till the next one. Sad times. Overall of course I liked the book, I just preferred the secondary story as opposed to the primary one.
My Book Rating – 3*

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell
This book has been on my shelf for so long and I’ve been meaning to read it for ages but I’m just hardly ever in the mood for contemporary and honestly, I don’t really like them. What first attracted me to this particular one is that the main character is going to college and that was something I could relate to, and she was shy and introverted and of course she was a fangirl. Its seems to be describing me so of course I wanted to read it. Fangirl is a nice book that follows Cath as she traverses the rocky roads of family, school, love and herself. But that’s it, it’s just nice, there was some conflict but nothing life altering. And that everyone is why I don’t really read contemporary. I want people dying and fighting and murder! But obviously I’m not going to get that. My favourite part of this book were the fanfiction excerpts at the start of each chapter. I enjoyed the journey that Cath went on during the book and I could relate to her and her struggles. When the book was over I felt happy so I guess that’s a good sign. I think next for me would be to read Carry On as that was my favourite part.
My Book Rating – 3*

Finally! I’ve written this post. It took a while but I got there. It’s been a while since I read so many books in one month! And July will be just as long too! I’ve read some good books so far that I’m excited to review. Next time I post I would’ve graduated! That’ll be weird. Well until then…

Sunday, 11 June 2017

May Wrap Up

Guys guys guys ! It has finally happened ! I have finished Uni ! My three years are up and that makes me super happy. My final exams were pretty difficult and not really what I wanted but ah well I'm finished and that's all that matters. During my exams I didn't read anything, but I managed to read two books at the start of the month. I'm so excited to see what summer will bring and to just have a super chilled couple of months before I start looking for work and entering the ‘real’ world. Luckily for me I will still have my books for escapism should the ‘real’ world get too real.

Crooked Kingdom – Leigh Bardugo
I don't know how it's possible, but this book was better than the first. I adored this book. I feel really bad for this book because I don't really remember what happened, my mind has been preoccupied with the second book I read (you'll see why). But like literally, I loved this book. It was simply incredible. The storylines are amazing, I just get sucked into this world and I don't want to leave ! My main question is, is Leigh herself a master criminal because how does she come up with these ideas ?! I honestly just love this group of outcasts, I wish there was more to read. The ending tied everything up nicely, it just made me super happy. The main arcs to this story are redemption and revenge. After escaping the ice court, Kaz and the gang have been played, Inej has been taken and something is brewing on the streets on Ketterdam. Once again my ladies were on fire ! Inej is simply incredible, what she does to Pekka at the end ! I want to be her. And Nina, finally embracing her changed power. I prefer the new side of her Grisha abilities, it's creepy cool. Also a shoutout must go to Jesper, the character development has been huge and I love it. And coming to terms with the fact that he is a Grisha, and at the end when he's living with Wylan, I just can't take it it's so cute and perfect ! Simply put, this book is amazing, everyone go read it. Even though I want more, I'm not sad it's over because the ending was so perfect.
My Book Rating – 5*

A Court of Wings and Ruin – Sarah J. Maas
Oh my god this book. I was hooked from the start. Yes I did have some issues with it, but they are minor in comparison to how much I enjoyed it overall. What I liked least about this book was the end. Now I am all about the endings in books, if a book is amazing but the ending is poo I won't like the book as much and that is just that. This book had been building and building up to this great battle, and it just ended and they went home. I felt like it was a bit anticlimactic. I also don't like how that's the end of their story but there's more books. I'm fine with getting more books, but I just don't think the end of their story was wrapped up as much as I wanted it to be. Enough with that, now onto the things that I loved. I really appreciated Amren more in this book, she had a much greater story arc and I even found her funny. To be honest, I love all the characters in the inner circle, we get to see so much more of them and grow to love them (especially Azriel he so cool). I enjoyed seeing Feyres sisters more in this book. I'm not a big fan of Elain, Nesta is definitely my favourite sister. I do wish she'd done more with her fae power though, I was just waiting and waiting for it to happen but it didn't (sad times for me). This book was mostly politics and meetings and I didn't really care about it that much but I liked being introduced to all these new characters. I absolutely loved the secondary characters in this book that made small appearances, the Bone Carver, the Weaver, the Suriel, whatever that is in the library I can't remember (it was Bryaxis I just looked it up). It just made me so happy reading them in the story again. Also that library scene was a gooden. And finally, Feyre and Rhysand, they are just so great and if anything bad happens to them in the other books I will be fuming. That is all.
My Book Rating – 4*

I loved reading both these books, and thinking about them got me through my exams (that and teen titans of course). I am just so happy that summer is finally here. I can't wait to see what I read !

Friday, 12 May 2017

April Wrap Up

Ah man what a month ! Its been a bit of a weird month for me, I feel like its lasted ages. Thinking back I actually did quite a lot. And it was Easter so I had lots of chocolate, and I still have lots of chocolate.

I've been trying to write this post for days, but whenever I look at that blank document I can't seem to form what I want to say. I think with everything that’s going on, my mind is just so crazy hectic my ability to write has become diminished. I still love reading, but forming a coherent thought afterwards is becoming difficult, especially putting that thought onto the page. But here we are 12 days later and I'm finally able to write. I did just watch the Riverdale finale and my adrenaline is rushing from what I just witnessed so maybe that is helping (I can't believe what my eyes just witnessed and I've got to wait till season 2 to get it solved!)

So anyways you know where I was saying I still love reading, I didn’t actually read any books in April … I did manage to sneak in a graphic novel right at the end of the month so all is well. I know, if you don’t manage to read a book in a month it doesn’t mean you love reading any less, I just have a personal target to read a book every month and if it's more then it’s a happy bonus!

Harley Quinn Volume 1: Die Laughing - Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti
Firstly, the stories in this are super random. The first one was a zombie storyline and another was a punk band story arc. I can't remember if they actually linked, I want to say they did, I know some parts of the stories matched up. I really enjoyed the artwork and even though the stories were weird I liked them. The only problem I had with it was that I just found it a bit meh, like I can't really remember the details of the stories. Which is a shame because I love Harley Quinn. I love her look in this graphic novel. Oh wait! I also loved the little backstory stuff and the tiny postal arc in there. I would carry on reading just because I love the character so much.
My Book Rating - 3*

Since May is my final month at uni it is exam season! Luckily I've already read two books this month and I don't think I'll be reading anymore this month until all my exams are finished. So you'll have to wait and see what I've read!


Monday, 3 April 2017

March Wrap Up

It's the Easter holidays ! I can eat all the chocolate ! I had a matchmaker egg yesterday (yes that is a real thing), and it was beautiful minty goodness ! I can't believe I've never had one before. Enough about chocolate and onto books ! I read three books this month and they were all great, I think it's been a good book month. So I wrote that yesterday, but I just wasn't in the writing spirit, but last night I had a super cool dream and it has seriously inspired me/motivated me and I am ready to review !

Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo
This book just had so much going on ! It was a fantasy and a half ! There was just so much going on, so many new places, so many characters. It was just insane. But by jove did I enjoy it. I've not read the other Grisha series but I don't really think you need to. This reads perfectly without any prior knowledge of the world. Basically its about a group of misfits who must band together to pull off an impossible heist: break in to an impenetrable fortress and rescue a prisoner. The stakes are high, but the reward for  pulling it off is even higher. Needless to say this is an epic story full of romance, revenge and betrayal. Did someone say superpowers!? Yes there's a bit of that here too. Sounds perfect ! My only negative of the book is that I found it to be maybe 100 pages too long and felt there was a bit of a lull about half way through. It picked up and everything kicked off so all was forgiven, but that would be my only criticism. I simply adored this band of merry misfits and loved the alternating chapter POVs. As with most books my favourite character were the ladies. Don't get me wrong, Kaz was cool and a great leader, but you just can't beat the Wraith. Will I be reading the next one? Hells yes ! I cannot wait to read the conclusion to this story !
My Book Rating - 4*

World After - Susan Ee                                                                                 This is the sequel to Angelfall, which I read and loved last year. I was not disappointed with this sequel ! I feel like the action was happening left, right and centre ! Every page was something new. Yes it did have moments of non action but they were few and far between. The book picked off straight where the first one ended, it was great ! This book seemed to ramp up the urgency, due to the consequences of the first book. Our main character Penryn, has to find her sister after an incident at the resistance camp is pinned on her. You're probably thinking, that's what happened in the first book, and you'd be right to think that. However, something has happened to Paige and its all on the angels ! Penryn has to find out what's going on before its too late ! Will Raffe be there to help? Will Penryn reunite with her sister? You must read to find out ! I certainly will be reading to find out what happens next.
My Book Rating - 4*

Reasons to Stay Alive - Matt Haig
Now if you've read any of my other posts then you know that this is not something I would ever normally read. Firstly its non fiction, and that is usually something I steer clear of. Secondly, there is no secondly I just like putting firstly. I decided to read this book as it is a memoir about having depression. I have been fighting my own internal battle, and I wanted to read about someone elses experiences. This book was super short and consisted of 5 parts. It was funny in parts and sad in others. It was just nice to read. Nice to read something where I could go yes that's how I feel. The book had some quotes that I could just really relate to and quotes I'd probably want to get framed. I really recommend that everyone should read this book. You don't have to read all of it just a few chapters. It's called reasons to stay alive and here's a few of mine: Future, Family, Hen Pen, Sunny Days, Swimming Piggies, Cute Dogs and the chance that at one point in my life I may eat the greatest burger in existence (I really hope its got cheese and bacon in it).
My Book Rating - 4*

Look at that a month of fours. That reminds me of a time I played mini golf ... I won't get into it right now, it'll only make me angry. The next time I write a post I'll be back at uni and stressing about exams, so lets have some fun and read some good books before then !

Monday, 6 March 2017

February Wrap Up

I always feel like this time of year goes so quickly ! Don't get me wrong I'm glad because I don't really like this time of year, but still, at the end of this month we'll be a quarter of the way through the year ! How is this happening ! I'm not ready to be a real and legitimate adult ! Anyways, where was I going with this, time is going too quickly. The end. February was a fun month for me. I went to centre parcs for the first time ever and I really enjoyed it, we went swimming, played mini golf and ate lots of nice food. Me and Hen also went to see Aladdin in London and that was really great too. I discovered that pesto goes great in a burger and will be having it all the time now ! Fun fact, on pancake day I almost choked to death ! So between lots of food and almost dying, I managed to read three books !

Red Winter - Annette Marie
This book was a totally different genre for me. I don't tend to deviate from my standard dystopian, but recently I've been spreading my book wings. I really enjoyed the Japanese elements and mythology, I felt like I was learning as I was reading ! Emi is our main character, who is a kamigakari. This means she is the human vessel for a goddess, who will inhabit her body on the upcoming solstice. Emi however is starting to realise that she has missed out on many typical teenager things since becoming the kamigakari, like eating a burger or riding a horse. One night she decides that she has to get it out if her system, what's could go wrong right ? Turns out a lot. Emi ends up going on an adventure with some Yokai, who are the mortal enemy of Kamigakari ! Turns out the whole world is in the fate of Emi's hands ! She is on the mission to save the future of the kamigakari and yokai. Will she manage it? What will happen? You'll have to read on to find out. I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to continue the series.    
My Book Rating - 4*

Scythe - Neal Schusterman
I legit loved this book ! I don't know what it was but it just grabbed me from the start and I just had to keep reading ! I loved the plot and the twists it took. I liked that it kept you thinking, you thought you knew what was happening but it took another crazy turn. Basically the plot is about Citra and Rowan who are becoming apprentice Scythe's. In this future, mortality has been conquered so a Scythe's job is keep the population down, so they have to 'glean' people. In a strange turn of events I actually really enjoyed the political aspects of this book, as well as the journal entires at the beginning of each chapter. I'm so excited to continue with this series !
My Book Rating - 5*

Hana-Kimi - Hisaya Nakajo 
This was my first ever manga, and I picked it up because the plot reminded me of She's The Man which is a film I love ! So the basic plot is of Mizuki, who must disguise herself as a boy to get into an all boys school so she can meet her idol. I was a bit confused at first with what was going on, you have to read it back to front and I didn't get the flow straight away. But I did enjoy the characters and how the story developed. It was something totally different but I'd definitely continue reading, I need to know if she gets the guy !
My Book Rating - 4*

I think I've read a pretty diverse selection of books this month and I'm pleased with my choices. I'm hoping that March brings equally good books !

Thursday, 2 February 2017

January Wrap Up

Woop Woop! The first month is over! I honestly think that January is my least favourite month. It's freezing cold and it's the longest period to wait till Christmas again! But all is not lost, I did hand in my dissertation this month, which means the most stressful time ever has come to an end. Now it's February and I've got lots of fun things to look forward to. My reading has got off to a great start this year, the two books I read were amazing and I loved them! I just hope I read many more books that are of this great standard.

The Diabolic - S.J Kincaid
This kicked off the year with a bang! Henry got me this book for Christmas and it probably wasn't something I'd have bought myself, I don't know why when it's amazing. Good pick Hen Pen! Firstly the cover is beautiful and I love it. It really works well with the whole plot, something dangerous hiding behind a pretty fa├žade. I will admit that as the book neared the end, I wasn't enjoying it as much as when I started it. I think the coolness wore off and it got into being a bit more of a romance. Which is totally fine and I like that, just not as much as the whole kill people plot. The overlying arc of the story is of Nemesis a 'Diabolic', a specially created being to protect an individual. Nemesis goes undercover as Sidonia, the girl she is set to protect at all costs. This is where the crazy times ensue. If Nemesis is found out they'll both die. This leads to Nemesis having to pretend to be a weak, vulnerable girl when in fact she could kill them all with ease. The first three quarters of this book were great and I loved them, but it's just the final part that disappointed me slightly. I'd still recommend people to read this book as it was enjoyable and I definitely will be reading the next instalment.
My Book Rating - 4*

Gemina - Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
This sequel did not disappoint! I read Illuminae this time last year so it's been a long time coming to see what happens next. I just love these books. The story is great and engrossing, but what I love best is the way it is set up. I love reading the emails and chat logs that just bulk out the story even more. I flew through this book and it just adds to the enjoyment as I get so caught up in the story. I liked how this book was focussed on other characters but the story still linked together so well. The first book centres around Kady on a spaceship trying to get to the Heimdall jump station, and this book centres on Hanna who lives on the jump station. This intertwining of the plots makes the story really engaging as you want to know how they will connect together, and you get tidbits of information that link the overlying arc together. I love how this book ended and it left me wanting more. I cannot wait to read the next one. Maybe January 2018!
My Book Rating - 5*

Two great books to start off the year! Hopefully this is the start of a great book year for me.