Monday, 6 March 2017

February Wrap Up

I always feel like this time of year goes so quickly ! Don't get me wrong I'm glad because I don't really like this time of year, but still, at the end of this month we'll be a quarter of the way through the year ! How is this happening ! I'm not ready to be a real and legitimate adult ! Anyways, where was I going with this, time is going too quickly. The end. February was a fun month for me. I went to centre parcs for the first time ever and I really enjoyed it, we went swimming, played mini golf and ate lots of nice food. Me and Hen also went to see Aladdin in London and that was really great too. I discovered that pesto goes great in a burger and will be having it all the time now ! Fun fact, on pancake day I almost choked to death ! So between lots of food and almost dying, I managed to read three books !

Red Winter - Annette Marie
This book was a totally different genre for me. I don't tend to deviate from my standard dystopian, but recently I've been spreading my book wings. I really enjoyed the Japanese elements and mythology, I felt like I was learning as I was reading ! Emi is our main character, who is a kamigakari. This means she is the human vessel for a goddess, who will inhabit her body on the upcoming solstice. Emi however is starting to realise that she has missed out on many typical teenager things since becoming the kamigakari, like eating a burger or riding a horse. One night she decides that she has to get it out if her system, what's could go wrong right ? Turns out a lot. Emi ends up going on an adventure with some Yokai, who are the mortal enemy of Kamigakari ! Turns out the whole world is in the fate of Emi's hands ! She is on the mission to save the future of the kamigakari and yokai. Will she manage it? What will happen? You'll have to read on to find out. I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to continue the series.    
My Book Rating - 4*

Scythe - Neal Schusterman
I legit loved this book ! I don't know what it was but it just grabbed me from the start and I just had to keep reading ! I loved the plot and the twists it took. I liked that it kept you thinking, you thought you knew what was happening but it took another crazy turn. Basically the plot is about Citra and Rowan who are becoming apprentice Scythe's. In this future, mortality has been conquered so a Scythe's job is keep the population down, so they have to 'glean' people. In a strange turn of events I actually really enjoyed the political aspects of this book, as well as the journal entires at the beginning of each chapter. I'm so excited to continue with this series !
My Book Rating - 5*

Hana-Kimi - Hisaya Nakajo 
This was my first ever manga, and I picked it up because the plot reminded me of She's The Man which is a film I love ! So the basic plot is of Mizuki, who must disguise herself as a boy to get into an all boys school so she can meet her idol. I was a bit confused at first with what was going on, you have to read it back to front and I didn't get the flow straight away. But I did enjoy the characters and how the story developed. It was something totally different but I'd definitely continue reading, I need to know if she gets the guy !
My Book Rating - 4*

I think I've read a pretty diverse selection of books this month and I'm pleased with my choices. I'm hoping that March brings equally good books !

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