Thursday, 2 February 2017

January Wrap Up

Woop Woop! The first month is over! I honestly think that January is my least favourite month. It's freezing cold and it's the longest period to wait till Christmas again! But all is not lost, I did hand in my dissertation this month, which means the most stressful time ever has come to an end. Now it's February and I've got lots of fun things to look forward to. My reading has got off to a great start this year, the two books I read were amazing and I loved them! I just hope I read many more books that are of this great standard.

The Diabolic - S.J Kincaid
This kicked off the year with a bang! Henry got me this book for Christmas and it probably wasn't something I'd have bought myself, I don't know why when it's amazing. Good pick Hen Pen! Firstly the cover is beautiful and I love it. It really works well with the whole plot, something dangerous hiding behind a pretty fa├žade. I will admit that as the book neared the end, I wasn't enjoying it as much as when I started it. I think the coolness wore off and it got into being a bit more of a romance. Which is totally fine and I like that, just not as much as the whole kill people plot. The overlying arc of the story is of Nemesis a 'Diabolic', a specially created being to protect an individual. Nemesis goes undercover as Sidonia, the girl she is set to protect at all costs. This is where the crazy times ensue. If Nemesis is found out they'll both die. This leads to Nemesis having to pretend to be a weak, vulnerable girl when in fact she could kill them all with ease. The first three quarters of this book were great and I loved them, but it's just the final part that disappointed me slightly. I'd still recommend people to read this book as it was enjoyable and I definitely will be reading the next instalment.
My Book Rating - 4*

Gemina - Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
This sequel did not disappoint! I read Illuminae this time last year so it's been a long time coming to see what happens next. I just love these books. The story is great and engrossing, but what I love best is the way it is set up. I love reading the emails and chat logs that just bulk out the story even more. I flew through this book and it just adds to the enjoyment as I get so caught up in the story. I liked how this book was focussed on other characters but the story still linked together so well. The first book centres around Kady on a spaceship trying to get to the Heimdall jump station, and this book centres on Hanna who lives on the jump station. This intertwining of the plots makes the story really engaging as you want to know how they will connect together, and you get tidbits of information that link the overlying arc together. I love how this book ended and it left me wanting more. I cannot wait to read the next one. Maybe January 2018!
My Book Rating - 5*

Two great books to start off the year! Hopefully this is the start of a great book year for me.

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