Friday, 2 December 2016

November Wrap Up

Oh my god it's nearly Christmas !!!!! I mean I've been listening to Christmas songs for about a month but now it's official ! Plus this year I've got two advent calendars which is making me feel more festive. I've got a Malteasers one and the chocolate is very nice, I was pleasantly surprised. What I wasn't surprised by was the quality of the jokes. For example; Where do snowmen like to dance? Snowballs ! I understand that you must be limited for Christmas themed jokes but that was terrible and I've got 22 to go ! I also just want you to know that I had to fish that out the bin. All that just for your enjoyment so I hoped you laughed. As well as my Malteasers one I've got a Lindt advent calendar and it's quite possibly the greatest one I've ever had, today I got a mini bear ! It was wearing a Christmas jumper ! I can't open this one everyday though as me and Henry are sharing it and I've got the evens which means I get Christmas eve and that's always the biggest chocolate so I'm totally fine with this arrangement. Anyways Molly this isn't a blog reviewing advent calendars ...

Onto the books and don't worry it's an improvement from last month. I read one book and two on my kindle. Basically after watching Fantastic Beasts (which is amazing by the way) I really wanted to watch Harry Potter but we don't have a DVD player so I read some short stories instead.

Angelfall - Susan Ee
How did it take me so long to read this book!? It's been on my shelf for ages and I even got Henry to read it before I did, so basically he got me to read it. It's a short book and I read it super quick. The general concept is that angels have come from the heavens and destroyed earth. Six weeks have passed and our main character Penryn is travelling around trying to stay out of trouble with her mum and sister. Her mum is categorically crazy and her sister is wheelchair bound. One night when they are walking the streets, they witness some angels fighting and Penryn decides to help. She manages to save the angel but as a consequence, her sister is taken by the fleeing angels. Now her mission becomes to save her sister. Penryn makes a deal with the angel Raffe to save her sister. Together they must journey across a perilous California to find the angels' stronghold, to get back her sister and his wings. I really did enjoy this book, some weird and creepy stuff happens at the end but I liked that. The book is fast paced and I liked that romance was not at the forefront of the storyline. I definitely will be reading the next instalment.
My Book Rating  - 4*
Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power, Politics and Pesky Poltergeists - J.K Rowling
Well that's one long title. These books are compilations of writings you can read on Pottermore, but I like reading like a book and obviously that way I can count it as one too. Like I said I was craving some Hazza P in my life, and since I can't watch the films I decided to read these instead. They are really short and I read it in about an hour. There's lots of chapters filled with extra insight on some notorious characters like Umbridge, Slughorn, Quirrell and Peeves. I like learning more about the history of characters as you don't get that much in the books. You also get a list of all the Ministers of Magic which I found enjoyable yet informative. I just love how there's always something new to learn in the Harry Potter universe and for now these books have cured my cravings.
My Book Rating  - 4*

Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide - J.K Rowling
Oh look at that more Hazza P. Does anyone else you the phrase Hazza P or is it just me? It's probably just me. Once again this was amazing at delving deeper and giving so many new details. My particular favourites were the story of the Sorting Hat and the ballad of Nearly Headless Nick. I love that these books let you learn quirky facts that you don't need to know, but by knowing them you feel so much more involved. This book basically takes you on a tour of the lesser known parts of the school or the parts that aren't in that much detail in the books. If you like Harry Potter you have to read these books, they are an essential to add to the collection.
My Book Rating - 4*

I probably won't do much reading in December as I've got a dissertation to write. I mean I can review that if you want but I'm sure it'll be super boring and I'm certain there won't be any plot or character development. Apart from of course, the development of me becoming a total stress head.

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