Wednesday, 12 October 2016

September Wrap Up

My prediction was right ! Uni starts and my reading falls, but I am in my third and final year at uni, so I think I can be excused this time. Also lets just say that I'm letting Hen catch up. Only 3 months to go ! So this month I moved back into a new house at uni and this one is actually warm. No more walking around in a jumper, dressing gown and blanket ! Although I do quite like walking around in a blanket, I wear it as a cape, and Hey Presto I'm a superhero.

Empire of Storms - Sarah J Maas
I got this book as soon as I could get my hands on it ! These books just keep getting bigger and bigger and I don't even care ! It could be 1000 pages and I'd still read it (well actually that may be pushing it) I think I say this every time, but this may be my favourite one yet. I even really enjoyed Manon's chapters this time around. I just love how the story is all coming together so nicely. For me, this book felt like Deathly Hallows part one. Like you can just tell it's building up to something. Of course, this book does end with some crazy times, but you can still tell the craziness is only going up. The one thing I would criticise with the story, is that I do find it annoying when characters always fall in love. Why can't you just be friends ! It's like boy and girl meet, don't get along, fall in love. Everytime ! It doesn't take anything away from me liking the story, but when it keeps happening you're just like 'ugh really again'. Even though this book is super long, when you're reading it, it doesn't feel like it's long. The writing and description draws you in and won't let you leave until it's over. Aelin is still my favourite character, but I love how more female characters are being developed. Lysandra, Manon and Elide are all tough ladies and it just makes me so happy when I read about them. It's difficult to go into any detail about this book without spoiling anything, but it's pretty much about Aelin and co travelling around to find the keys and clues to defeat the darkness that's speeding across Erilea. The intermingling of all the storylines makes it's so much more enjoyable. I love how the stories are all individual, but they all are actually travelling the same path to the same end. There's more of a Fae aspect in this book but I'm not complaining ! I am filled with mixed emotions knowing that the next book will be the last, but I am just so excited to see how it ends.
My Book Rating - 5*

I'm currently reading another new release at present and hopefully I'll get it finished before Halloween. At least then I'll have one book to write about !

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