Wednesday, 6 July 2016

June Wrap Up

This is more like a June uh oh. I have bad news, I only read one book ! And that was literally in the first 4 days of June. What have you done since then Molly? How have you been filling your time? Well you know how I thought that I'd finish for the summer and get so much reading done? Yeah, that clearly didn't happen. I have instead watched a series of Parks and Recreation, Elementary and am making my way through Gotham. I'm afraid when it comes to binge watching TV, reading takes a bit of a back seat. Also if I want to externalise this lack of reading and blame someone I'll blame Henry (just giving you a chance to catch up). You know I love you hen pen but this is a competition and I want to win. Anyways back to that one book I read this month.

A Court of Mist and Fury - Sarah J Maas
Now I thought the first one was good, but oh my god this one blew it out of the water ! I will admit that at first I was like 'why is this so political' 'wheres all the action', but don't you worry, we got there in the end and what an ending. It was amazing I need to read the sequel now. Now i don't want to go comparing it to the Throne of Glass series ... but I will anyways. Feyre is a great character and with what happened at the end of the first book she gets even better this time around. However she's no assassin. She's got some serious skills but in my mind she's just no Celaena. I think my favourite parts of this book happened in the Night Court and I think they are my favourite characters too. During this book, you can see some parallels to the Shatter Me series with the love triangle but it's not so obvious that it's all you can think about. I love the relationship between Feyre and Rhys and how it develops throughout the book. I liked the world building in this book and enjoyed the greater detail about the other courts and the overseas. I can't wait to see where this story heads, I can just tell it's leading to something big !
My Book Rating - 5*

I'd just like to give a shoutout to the endurance read of the month. I've been reading Slaughterhouse 5 throughout the whole of June and I'm only 50% through ! I thought I was getting through it quite well, evidently I was wrong and am not enjoying it as much as I'd hoped. Ah well there's always July to finish it in !


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