Monday, 2 May 2016

April Wrap Up

Guess what !?! I have now finished all of my lectures for this year, only exams to go then it's summer ! (Also egg and snot of course)

April was a bit of a fantasy month for me as well as a sequel month. I am trying to read more sequels instead of just reading all the new books, I can't forget about my fave series you know. This month I read 4 novellas, 2 books and 1 graphic novel. So all in all a pretty good reading month.

Trace Evidence - Kathy Reichs
This was the series of novellas that are set after each of the books in the Virals series. The novellas are, Shock, Shift, Swipe and Spike. Since they are technically 4 individual novellas I counted them as such on my Goodreads (that doesn't make me a bad person does it? I've got a bet to win). The novellas continue the trend of the Virals and their escapades. I particularly liked the one when they are at Comic-Con. I loved the Virals series so it was nice to get a bit extra from it now that it has finished.
My Book Rating - 4*

Deadly Class - Rick Remender
This graphic novel was a bit of a new genre for me. I wouldn't really call it horror, but it was pretty violent. The premise is a boarding school for assassins which sounds amazing. I also loved that cover! However it was all a bit weird to be honest. I liked it, but just not as much as I wanted to. I enjoyed the artwork, but ultimately I am unsure as to whether I'd continue reading the series.
My Book Rating - 3*

Rebel Spring - Morgan Rhodes
This book is the second in the Falling Kingdoms series. I think I read the first book a couple months ago. Once again I zoomed through it. I don't know if it's the Kindle that is causing this speedy reading, but I just seem to fly through these books. I really do love the fantasy genre at the minute. The world building is amazing in these books and the storylines are woven together so well.
My Book Rating - 4*

Queen Of Shadows - Sarah J Maas
This book was incredible and is definitely in the running for my favourite book of the year. I know the series isn't finished yet but everything just fell into place so well. I loved what happened and for the first time in my life I was glad (spoiler) when people died ! Heir Of Fire was not my favourite but this certainly made up for it. It was a heffer of a book but I read it pretty quickly all things considered. Can't wait for Empire Of Storms later on in the year.
My Book Rating - 5*

Yay for April, bring on May !

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