Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Heir of Fire - Sarah J Maas

So after hearing that Queen of Shadows comes out in September, I was just like 'Oh no I better hurry up and read this', that isn't what I said but you get my drift. But then I hear that the next book is even bigger, I'm just not sure I can take these huge books any more!

Back to the actual book, the cover isn't my favourite but I like the bow and arrow. I actually started the book a couple months ago, but it just took me ages to get into it. I think that's mainly because, initially it just didn't grab me as quickly as the others. I don't know, I just think it started a bit slow for my liking. Saying that, once I got about half way through I was hooked and just had to keep reading.

The premise of the book follows on pretty much straight after Crown of Midnight, where we find out some pretty major info, though spoilers if you've not read the others so I won't say anything except that its good. Heir of Fire is more about Celaena going on a journey discovering more about her past and her powers. We are also introduced to a whole bunch of new characters. First there's Manon and the Witch clans. The Thirteen are awesome and kick-ass, my favourite is probably Asterin. There's also Sorscha, a healer who is an unexpectedly interesting and cool character. Now for the male editions; Rowan a Fae warrior, who I didn't actually like that much as a character. Sometimes I even found him a bit annoying. Then there's Aedion, a relation to Celaena, who has come to the Capital to find out information and who is willing to protect her at any cost.

I think I'd say that the last quarter of this book is definitely the best. All of the plot points fit together nicely at the end. I love the writing style and there are paragraphs that just really tug at your heartstrings, I didn't cry but it was close. I'd also just like to express by hatred of the King. I HATE HIM SO MUCH ! For reals the hatred is extreme, he's just a terrible and horrible person and if he doesn't get any comeuppance I'm going to be fuming ! (just had to get that out there) 

As per I love Celaena, and wish to have her awesome skills. Bring on September !

My Book Rating - 4*

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