Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins

Ah well this book is something that I would never normally pick up, but after watching some videos on YouTube and hearing that people enjoy it, I thought I would pick it up. One of the reasons why I wouldn't get it previously was the cover. I really don't like it, I just look at it and I feel bad for it. Also, does anyone like that dress? I certainly don't. It really doesn't have a good aesthetic. I'm also not a fan of people on covers in general, like they're just standing there looking awkward and I'm just like no. Anyways enough about that.

Sweet Evil revolves around sixteen year old Anna, who is the daughter of a fallen angel. Lots of books about fallen angels these days, and the overall feeing I have when I find this out now in books is 'meh'. As much as I find it interesting, I'm just thinking 'read this before'. Anyways I digress. Anna has no idea of this fact until she turns 16 and meets Kaidan Rowe who of course is 'smokin hott' (that's the actual description (even the extra t)). I have another tangent here, why is everyone always so attractive!?! Are books written in some alternate universe where everyone is good looking? If so I want to move there. Back to the point, she meets Kaidan who is the son of the Duke of Lust, and it turns out that Anna is the daughter of the Duke of Substance Abuse. The overlying story arc is Anna finding out who she is and where she fits into the world and whether she will embrace the good or bad fighting in her. There is also obviously some angst-y teen romance, but hey you all knew that was coming.

I found the main characters to be a smidge annoying. They seemed to be clich├ęd caricatures, you could've had signs above their heads with 'good girl' and 'bad boy' and that would've been more subtle. I may be exaggerating slightly but you get my drift. I don't think I have a favourite character in this book. Most of the secondary characters don't have enough back-story to connect with them, which is a shame as some seemed to have interesting plot points.

However even with the faults this book has, I actually quite liked it. It's somewhat of a guilty pleasure book for me. I read some not great reviews for this once I'd read it, and all the faults they picked at were the reason I enjoyed this. I think if you go into this expecting a masterpiece you won't like it, but if you however take it for what it is; a fun and easy quick read, I think you'll like it. As an extra you could say that part of this book has a fraction of a road trip in it which is always fun right? I for one will be reading the sequel.

My book rating  - 3.5*

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