Sunday, 14 June 2015

Where have you been !?!

Not sure about anyone else but whenever I hear those words I think of getting a howler and that thought scares me greatly.
But back to the point of why haven't you post anything in the past six months ?
Well 3 reasons;
1 - Uni has been very busy this term with coursework, exams and the like. But now I'm free for the summer !
2 - You know I'm pretty sure that's the only reason.
3 - The books I have read have been on my phone and my brain clearly doesn't recognise this as a book, so alas I haven't reviewed them. I have begun re-reading Harry Potter and I feel like that it is just for nostalgia on my behalf.

Anyways this is simply just an update to say that I am back and intend to read lots over the summer. The time for excuses is over ! Mission read is on !


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