Monday, 15 June 2015

The graphic novel edition

So its been established that I have not read much these past 6 months, however my collection of graphic novels and single issues has grown significantly this year and I have been reading these as I can finish one in a shorter period of time. Now I don't have my actual copies with me as they are all stored in boxes but I shall now try and find some images on the internet (buffering).
Well that went well, I just spent about an hour editing photos. Yay for procrastination !

Day 2 of writing this one post;
I decided to fish them out of boxes and just take photos, I am most indecisive.
This is just a handful of the ones that I have read recently.
As you can see the vast majority of ones I read are superhero based mainly due to the fact that they are awesome ! I also enjoy reading female led ones; shout-out to the ladies !
I love reading graphic novels because I love the artwork, it gives an extra depth to the story and it is obviously just beautiful.
It's actually kind of difficult to put into words why I like them so much, maybe I just wish I was in the worlds the artists are able to create on the page, maybe it's just the vast amounts of joy I have when reading them or simply that I just do.
The process of buying the single issues is also great. It's just so nice to wander through the shop in awe at the hundreds of issues and just looking through all the back issues puts a smile on my face. I probably like the single issues better just because the experience of getting them just adds to the enjoyment.

I realise I actually haven't written about the actual issues you can see, but just know that they are awesome and I urge you to get out there and read comics !
Just for reference. Ms Marvel, Elektra and Thor are Marvel superhero comics. Young Justice and Teen Titans are DC superhero teams. LumberJanes is not about superheroes but in fact about a summer camp with a supernatural element to it and is printed by Boom Box. They are all fantastic !


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