Monday, 12 January 2015

So ... How much did you read over Christmas Molly ?

Well the easy answer to that is that over Christmas I didn't actually finish a single book. I know it's terrible, very sad times.
I had a whole month off from uni and I didn't complete a single book !
This instead was my schedule -
Week 1 - watch catch up TV
Week 2/3 - the Christmas period and my  brother and sister both returned home
Week 4 - write essay
Now I'm sure there was room to fit in reading but it just didn't happen. I have started reading In The Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken and I am really enjoying it, however I just feel like I'm in a big ol' reading slump right now and it's just not happening. Before I finished uni, I was reading Unmarked by Kami Garcia. Unfortunately I didn't have enough room to fit it in my bag and I only had 3 chapters left ! So I finished it yesterday and my review for that should be up soon (hopefully).
So yeah that's about it, happy Christmas times but sad reading times.
I want to read more books this year so I'd better get my butt into gear !


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