Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Infinite Sea - Rick Yancey

I finished this book yesterday, and I decided not to write anything down as my only coherent thought was:
fdsgykjdghsjfaefehr that was so good !
So here I am a day later with my main thought now being:
fdsgykjdghsjfaefehr that was so good !
Oh wait that's the same thought.
But don't worry I do have some others things to say, this isn't just going to be me making babble and fake words about how much I liked this book.

The Infinite Sea is very much a straight continuation of The 5th Wave in a sense that the story follows on from the explosion at Camp Haven, with Cassie and the others waiting for Evan at the rendezvous point. The difference with this book is that the secondary narrator to Cassie is Ringer instead of Ben. In fact Ringer's narration is more prominent in the book, and I quite liked this as you got more back story and perspective from secondary characters which doesn't always happen in books.

The Infinite Sea starts with a prologue that is pretty intense, and mirrors the ultimate problem the characters are facing. If the enemy looks like you, who do you trust? This question is an ongoing theme throughout the story.

In the chapters where Cassie is the narrator, not much changes in their situation as they wait in the Hotel and have to decide whether to stay or go.By the end of the book, their storyline has got them only to just beyond the car park of the Hotel. You do get some Evan chapters which are a nice break from this, as you delve into his stream of consciousness and his ultimate goal to find Cassie again. You also get some information about before the waves started and his first meeting with Grace, which I liked and found to be quite interesting.

The bulk of the book is told from Ringer's perspective, and these chapters had some very dark and intense moments which really made you think. There is an ongoing storyline about rats in these chapters. This seems random at the start, but at the end all the pieces come together and as a reader you are struck with a realisation that is quite harrowing. In the first book I wasn't overly keen on Ringer as a character and even at the start of this one I was unsure due to the hostility she shows towards Cassie and Evan. But after reading about the back story of her family and what happens to her throughout this story, I have come to like her and even in some ways relate to her and the choices she makes.

I think that both Ringer and Cassie are great characters in this book, as they are both brave and smart, although they may use these traits in different ways. This is why I like them together in this book, because they are very similar but do not yet really realise this.

One of the only things I didn't particularly like about this book was that you go straight into the story, and since its been a while since I read The 5th Wave I'd forgotten most of what happened. I mean I remembered the main points and general story, but the nicknames and ending I forgot (Ringer shot Ben! When did that happen?) Obviously this is my own fault so if you want to read this book I would suggest re-reading the ending of 5th wave just as a refresher.

I also found that as much as I thought it was an action packed book, not a lot actually happened in way of a time line. I think this could've been in in The 5th Wave at the end and fit in perfectly.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and the problems I had with it are very minor. I loved that it had you on the edge of your seat so many times it was insane. Is he dead? Will she make it? Can you trust them? One of my favourite parts was one chapter by Poundcake a secondary character who doesn't speak, so this chapter from his point of view is very intense and you finally get some understanding of how he thinks. The chapter may be short but it is vital to the story.

I cannot wait to read what happens next, it is building up to an epic finale. Will Ringer find the others? Will we meet the Aliens of the 5th wave? What will happen to Earth? and most importantly what will happen to Cassie and the others?
I'm so excited to find out !

My book rating - 5*

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