Monday, 29 June 2015

The Sin Eater's Daughter - Melinda Salisbury

So I have read 3 books since reading this, so this will be fun !

The Sin Eater's Daughter is centred on the character Twylla who I believe is 17. There's something about being alive for so many harvests, like do they not have birthdays here? I mean that's quite sad, no birthday cake for breakfast for them then.

Twylla starts off life as the Sin Eater's Daughter. The Sin Eater is someone who eats the sins of the dead to enable their soul to go to heaven or something or another. Anyways so that's her back story, she is then apparently chosen by the Gods to be the the Daunen Embodied, aka the Daughter of the Gods. Because of this she must leave her family and move into the castle and basically do the Queens bidding. As being Daunen Embodied means that no one but 'divine' people can touch her, as a deadly poison runs through her veins meaning she can kill with a single touch. But is all as it seems in this kingdom? Who can Twylla trust?

As this is a YA book, obviously there is a love triangle (who'd of thought it). There's Lief, the new guard who seems to be the only person who can see Twylla for who she really is. Then there's the Prince, Merek who is troubled and believes that Twylla is the only one who can save him and bring peace to the kingdom once more. So, who will she choose? As per usual in YA, you can expect suspense, drama and of course teen angst.

What drew me to the book was of course the cover, its just beautiful. Also the back cover has the lines; I am the perfect weapon. I kill with a single touch. That just fills me with intrigue and pulls you in. Also once I had started reading I was hooked, the first few pages are great.

The twist/revelation in the book I found to be a little disappointing, I think it could've been an interesting story arc if it continued. However even with that in mind I still really did enjoy this book and will definitely be reading the next one.

My Book Rating - 4*

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