Saturday, 10 May 2014

Antigoddess - Kendare Blake

This is my first book review of the most recent book I've read. First of all is it Antigoddess or Anti goddess? According to spell check it's 2 words but I'm pretty sure its 1, however the even spacing on the cover make it hard to tell I just don't know !

Talking of the cover its definitely something different and I liked the link to the book which you can't tell if you haven't read it, its like an inside joke. However it isn't a patch on how much I loved the Anna Dressed In Blood and Girl Of Nightmares covers which were awesome and Anna Korlov is a great character. But I digress ...

Antigoddess (yes I'm going with the one word version you're wrong spell check !) is a Greek mythology story in a contemporary setting. The uniqueness of this makes the book all the more enjoyable.The book has two running story lines which come together at the end. The first storyline is of Athena and Hermes who are on a quest to discover how and if they can stop the inevitability of their fates. This prologue is a great beginning and manages to set up the whole storyline. The second is of Cassandra and boyfriend Aidan who are high school students. Cassandra has no idea that the gods exist and Aidan would like to keep it that way as he is actually Apollo god of the sun. I prefer the Athena/Hermes chapters as they have more action sequences and the dynamic of the two is really written well. These chapters also give us more of the underlying story of the gods and alliances. Throughout the novel we get interspersed hints at the bigger story (Cassandra's visions, family connections etc.). As it turns out, Hermes, Athena and Apollo are siblings. Athena wants to find Cassandra as she is the key to her survival, but Apollo wants to protect Cassandra from his siblings and her fate.

Throughout the story we get to meet many other Greek gods like Hera, Aphrodite and Poseidon, who are also trying to escape their fate. Unfortunately these gods are not on the same side and an immortal war is about to erupt, to kill one another to survive. They just might take down some mortals if they get in their way as well.

I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book as Greek mythology is not something I would straight away go for. It was more of my enjoyment of the authors past works that made me buy it. However I really did enjoy this book, it had the right combination of action, drama and comedy. The ending was like a spear through the chest (quite literally) and I cannot wait to carry on reading the story to find out what happens to all the characters. My favourite character was Andie mainly due to fact that she dressed up as Mary Kelly the final victim of Jack the Ripper for Halloween.

 Speaking of the the second book, the title has been changed from Aristeia to Mortal Gods and the cover style has changed. I really liked the original title as it had a perfect fitting for the theme of the story. Well I guess Mortal Gods is too but I prefer the other one it's more unique but hey I'm no book whizz.

My book rating 4*

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